Effects of eutrophication and the available possibilities for effective restoration of water reservoirs

Previous event: 2022.05.18

Spring Ecological Seminar titled “Effects of eutrophication and the available possibilities for effective restoration of water reservoirs” was held on-line on May 18, 2022. This international seminar was held in English. It gathered outstanding researchers, water reclamation specialists from Universities in Poland, China and the USA, and was addressed mainly to students and Ph-D students. The main organizer was Normal University Nanyang in cooperation with Ningbo University in China. About 3,000 participants took part, including scientists and students. The LIFE project was represented by prof. Beata Messyasz, who gave a lecture entitled “Cyanobacteria and filamentous green algae as autogenic bioengineers which modify water environment”. Information on the problems of cyanobacterial blooms and macroscopic green algae development within the possibilities of their management context was presented, based on the examples of results obtained in the project so far. During the Seminar, great interest aroused the issue of a wide range of unique properties of chemical compounds that contain algae. It was emphasized that natural bioactive compounds encompass a wide variety of structures and functionalities. Interested students completed the English version of the water blooms questionnaires provided by the website of the “Algae Service for LIFE” project.

  • LIFE Information DayPrevious event: 2022.06.14

    In the 14th June 2022 INC PAS and AMU teams participated in the LIFE Information Day organised by National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. During the meeting we demonstrated the aim of our project and the results which were achieved up to this time.  Here you can find more about the event: https://www.gov.pl/web/nfosigw/kolejny-dzien-informacyjny-life-za-nami

  • 12th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria, The University of ToledoPrevious event: 2022.05.22-27

    Elżbieta Wilk-Woźniak i Edward Walusiak We participated in the 12th International Conference on Toxic Cyanobacteria, The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, USA, 22-27 May 2022 and presented two posters: 1. Krztoń W., Walusiak E., Łaciak M., Kotlarz J., Rotchimmel K., Bęben K., Szymański J., Spiralski M., Wilk-Woźniak E. Developing an UAV method of monitoring of cyanobacterial blooms […]

  • AlgaeService for LIFE project videoPrevious event: 2022.05.02

    Video clip about project activities including demonstration on the prototype AS-S for harvesting cyanobacteria and macroalgae is already produced: Click here to watch!!!

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