Previous event: 2019.09.17

National Science festival “Spaceship Earth” events took place in the Nature Research Centre on 17th September 2019. During the lectures “Blooms in freshwaters: is it safe to bath in Lithuanian lakes? and workshops for 53 participants, dr. J. Karosienė, dr. J. Koreivienė, dr. J. Kasperovičienė and D. Morudov introduced the mysterious world of algae and cyanobacteria in freshwaters, demonstrated how to determine the main water quality parameters and to assess the ecological status of the lakes. The mobile application of the project AlgaeService for LIFE “Mark a blooming water body” and the interactive map of blooming ecosystems were presented. Participants were invited to observe and mark changes in the water bodies in their surroundings.

  • Natural Toxins: Environmental Fate and Safe Water Supply, international conferencePrevious event: 2020.09.24-25

    Natural Toxins: Environmental Fate and Safe Water Supply, 24-25 September 2020, online conference organized by the NaToxAq project consortium (https://natoxaq.ku.dk/). Website: https://www.recetox.muni.cz/en/about-us/events/natoxaq-conference-2020 During the conference the oral presentation entitled: “Tools to manage cyanobacteria agglomerations in freshwater ecosystems” was given. The project, it’s aims and achievements were presented.

  • 8th progress meeting of project management groupPrevious event: 2020.08.13

    The 8th progress meeting of the project management group took place in Anykščiai. The Polish partners were unable to attend this meeting due to the COVID-19. The communication event “Demonstration of algae harvesting in the River Šventoji”, logistics of collection of biomass of cyanobacteria and macroalgae and other relevant issues were discussed.

  • Communication event “Demonstration of algae harvesting in the River Šventoji”Previous event: 2020.08.12

    Communication event with stakeholders “Demonstration of algae harvesting in the River Šventoji” took place in Anykščiai on 12th of August 2020. Project objectives and activities were presented during this seminar. Also problems of water blooms, improvement of water quality and use of algal biomass as a green fertilizer were discussed together with partners from Poland. […]

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