Partnership: Environment for Development

Previous event: 2021.07.15

On July 15, project was presented during the meeting of the Working Group on Water and Wastewater Management within the national network of environmental authorities and institutions managing EU funds “Partnership: Environment for Development” – National Water Management Authority ( The meeting was attended by representatives of Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection, General Directorate for Environmental Protection, Marshal Offices, Regional Water Management Authorities, Polish Water Management Authority and the Ministry of Infrastructure. This meeting was conducted on the topic of the Baltic Sea and its pollution.

  • AlgaeService for LIFE project videoPrevious event: 2022.05.02

    Video clip about project activities including demonstration on the prototype AS-S for harvesting cyanobacteria and macroalgae is already produced: Click here to watch!!!

  • The 45th International Scientific and Technical Seminar "Chemistry for Agriculture"Previous event: 2021.11.22

    The 45th International Scientific and Technical Seminar “Chemistry for Agriculture” was held on November 21 – 24, 2021 in Karpacz. 208 participants took part in the conference, including about 2/3 scientists from universities, having 7 rectors, and about 1/3 representatives of industrial plants related to agriculture. There were such tycoons as Grupa Azoty S.A. and […]

  • INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC - PRACTICAL SEMINAR "Remote sensing in environmental studies: advantages and challenges"Previous event: 2021.10.12

    The seminar “Remote sensing in environmental studies: advantages and challenges” was held on 12 October 2021 in Nature Research Center. Remote sensing methods applied in Lithuania and Bulgaria using unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite images were presented. The principles, problems, advantages and possibilities of these methods were discussed. Presentations:

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