Lake Oporzyńskie

Lake Oporzyńskie (Wielkopolska) – The Oporzyn Lake is located near the village of Oporzyn, ca. 20 km north of Wagrowiec (in the northern part of the Wielkopolska region). The lake is located in a hollow, which is surrounded by hills with very steep slopes which facilitates the surface runoff from the surrounding farmland. It has an area of 15 ha and a mean depth of 1.2 m. The shore of the lake is covered with a wide (to 10 m) and dense belt of rushes with Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin ex Stued. and Typha latifolia L. as the dominant species. The lake is in the overgrowing phase and the pelagic zone is overgrown by Ceratophyllum demersum L. This submerged aquatic plant formed ​​extremely dense layers that prevent access of light to the bottom of this lake and the development of other submerged plants. Harvesting macro algae mats + demonstration

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