River Nielba

River Nielba – The study area is situated in the northern part of the Wielkopolska region in the catchment area of the Wełna river and next Warta river. The Nielba river has a length of approximately 27 km and reaches a width of 2.0-2.5 m. It is hydrologically diverse with the average 0.97 m3s-1 flow of water current and often is characterised by the lowered water level (to 0.5 m or less) in the summer period. Almost in the end for its length Nielba (0.89-1.03 m3s-1) is crossing with the Wełna river (3.44-3.58 m3s-1). Both rivers flow through the zone of crossing with very little changes of their currents afterwards in the summer period. In the drainage area of the Nielba river great charges of nitrogen and phosphorus inflow both from a surface source as well as from point sources. Charges of nitrogen are amount 241,062 kgN/year in the Wełna and 143,716 kgN/year in the Nielba and in the case of phosphorus 5,738 kgP/year and 4,999 kgP/year respectively. Its macralgae is very productive, often achieving high biomasses, owing to the high nutrient level. Harvesting macro algae mats.

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