Lake Simnas

Lake Simnas – lake in southern part of Lithuania, Alytus district, Dovine basin. Length from north to south is 2.8 km, width up to 1.3 km. This is a shallow lake with an average depth of 2.3 m. The shores are flat in the west and south sides, and steep elsewhere. The lake from the south, west and north is surrounded by a ~110 ha Balos swamp. The lake is wide, especially in the east and northeast (up to 100 m wide). There is a thick layer of sediments on the bottom of the lake (average – 4.54 m, thickest – 6.5 m). Coastal areas are abundant of water vegetation. There are clay quarries on the north east coast. The fields around the lake are mostly covered by cultivated areas. Lake water exchange is 0.585 years. Spernia is a tributary River which flows out of Dusia and Simnyčia, carring waters of Giluitis Lake. Bambena makes lake outflows to Žuvintas. Simnas is located on the southern shore of the lake. There are villages around the lake: Kolonistai, Pasimniai, Skituriai. Harvesting Cyanobacteria scums.

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