Demonstration event in Krakow

Previous event: 2021.08.25-26

Demonstration of algae harvesting in the oxbow lake Tynieckie took place in vicinity of Krakow on 25th of August 2021. The algae harvester specially designed for this purpose by Baltic Environment (Lithuania) was demonstrated for stakeholders. The harvester is an innovative and novel solution for effective harvesting of excess cyanobacteria and macroalgae biomass, which is used for various products. Harvesting of excess biomass helps to clean the water bodies of excess nitrogen and phosphorus and eliminate cyanobacterial toxins. Also unmanned aerial vehicle as a remote sensing method for the monitoring of algal blooms has been demonstrated by project experts from Lithuania. The demonstration event was attended by all partners of the international team implementing the LIFE 17 ENV/LT/000407 project. Also representatives of local authorities and institutions interested in water protection such as Polish Anglers Association with the President of the Krakow District, Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company in Krakow, Municipal Water Supply and Sewage Company in Wadowice, the Management of Urban Green Areas in Krakow, The State Water Holding Polish Waters took part in the event. Total number of participants – 46.

Video of Demonstration Event in Krakow

Online seminar took place on 26th of August 2021. Aim and objectives as well as results obtained of the project have been presented during the seminar. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite imagery (Sentinel) within the project has been presented as well. Also video summary of field demonstration of the previous day has been presented for participants of online seminar. Representatives of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (fund co-financing the project) and the representatives of Lithuanian and Polish stakeholders attended the seminar. Total number of participants – 38.


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